ALTERED STATES: Art of Zhang Huan 张洹

On November 26, 2011, in Chinese Art, by admin

Inside the studio and creative mind of Zhang Huan, one of the most recognized Chinese Artists working in both the US and China. His latest exhibition at the Asia Society includes performance works, photographs, and sculpture.

Duration : 0:5:7

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25 Responses to ALTERED STATES: Art of Zhang Huan 张洹

  1. fan381p2 says:

    Hello from Mexico! …
    Hello from Mexico! Congratulations! check my channel and website. TatilandiaTv , 😀

  2. casablancamicasa says:

    that’s the only …
    that’s the only video about ‘my new york’ from zhang huan on youtube,check:new york videodyssey(219)

  3. casablancamicasa says:

    anybody want to …
    anybody want to watch zhang huan’s performance ‘my new york'(in 2002) please check:new york videodyssey(219)

  4. lazzile says:

    I like very much …
    I like very much zhang’s work! I have collected two books on his work. I will continue to keep up the flow with some of these contemporary chinese artist.
    alicia loy griffin

  5. Ikariamyoface says:

    Zhang Huan can’t …
    Zhang Huan can’t fuse or acclimatize with the ice, or (metaphorically) New York.

  6. antbryant1 says:

    Bruce Lee of …
    Bruce Lee of Performance and Visual Arts is ZHANG HUAN~

  7. prometheancurse says:

    dudes crazy good at …
    dudes crazy good at what he does

  8. alpswissart says:

    Zhang Huan is my …
    Zhang Huan is my favoryt artist from China. He is changing the World by going in himself.

  9. tmprogram says:

    the key to …
    the key to enlightment is stop thinking ur right al the damn

  10. AgnesShadbolt says:

    You are a Brilliant …
    You are a Brilliant Artist

    Kind Regards

    London Artist; Stuart Ridley

  11. splicegraph says:

    the slow and …
    the slow and arduous process of integration?

  12. alpswissart says:

    is a buddhist …
    is a buddhist meditation for clear mine

  13. EDvining says:

    so if the dogs …
    so if the dogs represent the multiethnicity of the city, what does zhang and the ice represent?

  14. EDvining says:

    the …

    the busts with incense ash incorporated took my breath away. His prints had similarities but overall were unlike what I have seen from his region. wish I could have had a closer look. Truly unique work he is doing.

  15. flyhghgy says:

    Great video!
    Thank …

    Great video!
    Thank you for sending it to me!

  16. alpswissart says:

    Zhang Huan is the …
    Zhang Huan is the greatest artist in future without verget his woods in tradtion

  17. subwaysleuth says:

    Thanks for …
    Thanks for enlightening us.

  18. georgetruong says:


  19. orbitalstardust21 says:

    the most brilliant …
    the most brilliant mind ever! I saw his smoking buddah at the haunch of Venison gallery last month and it was awesome!

  20. powerfulnun says:

    wow loved the busts …
    wow loved the busts made of ashes wow

  21. suarezpatricia2008 says:

    “My enphasis is on …
    “My enphasis is on the experience and on the process” Mi enfasis está puesto en la experiencia y en el proceso. Eso es subrayar la subjetividad y el camino, es lo humano. No el producto como objeto de consumo. Magnífica cultura.

  22. spiritofboz says:

    Excellent !
    Excellent !

  23. sonamling says:


  24. edxyn says:


  25. Cruise72 says:

    great minds and lil …
    great minds and lil steps create fantastic works leaping throughout! well done !!!

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