Ai Weiwei detained. Here is his TED film

On November 12, 2011, in Chinese Art, by admin The news that Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei has been detained by authorities has prompted significant concern here at TED-HQ. We had shown a film of him at last month’s conference, an unexpected and courageous statement about his treatment by the government, social change, the power of the web, and his hope for the future of China. The film, which was shown as Ai Weiwei himself watched live over the web in the middle of the night, prompted a huge standing ovation from the TED audience.

Read the news story:

TED is a non-partisan, nonpolitical organization and we understand the Chinese authorities concern at anything which might provoke social unrest. But for anyone who believes in the power of ideas, of human imagination, it is heartbreaking to see one of the world’s great artists shackled in this way. We will be tracking developments carefully. Here is the film.

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25 Responses to Ai Weiwei detained. Here is his TED film

  1. juliacotic says:

    More videos please. …
    More videos please…Your channel is awesome

  2. andreeaweed says:

    future of China…i …
    future of China…i have never been to china i cannot say that is a good regime or not , but if the people of china are not pleased, they may change that.

  3. JuiceStainMc says:

    @onlinelondon so …
    @onlinelondon so HOW and why are you trying to discredit him? if any country gave him an award you could find police brutality videos. Can you please give me a list of one country from each continent where you would’nt? I’d like to know…
    AND if you are by any way implying a comparison between China and Norway, I sure hope you stay in school if it’s not too late.

  4. onlinelondon says:

    Well, he got the …
    Well, he got the prize from Norway….but NORWAY is equal torturors as he claims….just look at the youtube – politivoldinorge (police violence in Norway)
    w w w eddy nu

  5. wwwtotalitaerde says:

    @danger0usknowledge …
    @danger0usknowledge No, my words are to be taken at face value. And if you happen to be in Germany, I can show you the reality, which is quite contrary to the official propaganda. My brother had been tortured and was assassinated in 2009. My parents are still being tortured, brainwashed and they are not allowed to leave Germany. See my film Gifte english. Thats what the German BND is now doing with my father.

  6. danger0usknowledge says:

    @wwwtotalitaerde R …
    @wwwtotalitaerde R U using self censorship by substituting
    Germany for China? R U commenting from China & using
    this very conning subterfuge to confuse the Chinese Stasi
    and everyone else?-)

  7. CharlieALabtech says:

    LOL despicable …
    LOL despicable Brits and hypocrisy supporting someone who literally says “China has no creativity or higher though going on” and complaining about twitter and google being blocked. I just have to LMAO at Cameron wanting to block twitter. Brit=the eternal hypocrites

  8. yerk3 says:

    @wwwtotalitaerde …
    @wwwtotalitaerde They are not to be discussed HERE. Again, go to any video about Germany and commence your rant there. You are simply wasting your time here. This video has absolutely nothing to do with anything you’re talking about, it is irrelevant. This video is not about Germany, it has nothing to do with Germany, nobody in this comment section has said anything about Germany except for you. Again, go to a video where your posts will actually be relevant.

  9. wwwtotalitaerde says:

    @yerk3 So whatever …
    @yerk3 So whatever atrocities Germany committs, this is not to be discussed, not even abroad. That is exactly what I have experienced. Because Germany has an enormous amount of snitchers all over the world, suppressing reports about Germany torturing and murdering. The US could not suppress reports about Guantanamo, Israel could not suppress reports about Gaza. Germany openly torturing and murdering, even torturing and murdering abroad can.

  10. fyybbc says:

    @yerk3 U r really …
    @yerk3 U r really weird.However, what i wanna highlight here is ur word “sometimes”, not always. So if some reports said that Hitler was a guy who want to show his love to the world, can we believe that Hitler was really a good guy? The same reason, if some report said that China and the Chinese government were evils, so can we conclude that China and the chinese goverment were evils? So please, be clever, dont just believe what u hear from books without doing some real investigation by yourself

  11. yerk3 says:

    @fyybbc Have you …
    @fyybbc Have you heard of a Potemkin village? Sometimes you can find out more of a regime from outside of the country from investigative reporting than you would from inside as a casual visitor. If I were to physically go to China, with my low clearance, I would probably only be fed whatever line the state wanted me to hear: “everything’s fine!” “Corruption? What corruption?” “Everything is perfect here!”

  12. fyybbc says:

    @yerk3 99% of your …
    @yerk3 99% of your words are untrue. U even havent been to China. How can u get the real information about China?

  13. yerk3 says:

    @05giacomo …
    @05giacomo Dismissing something out of hand as “propaganda” without any evidence, just on principle, is a weaksauce tactic.

  14. yerk3 says:

    @fyybbc Who am I ” …
    @fyybbc Who am I “slandering?” Slander is saying something untrue about someone. What have I said that is untrue?

  15. yerk3 says:

    @fyybbc “Different …
    @fyybbc “Different social factors” do not change the value of human rights. Human rights are a universal principle. Even if a government is corrupt or a society is complacent, it doesn’t mean that that the people in that country do not deserve the basic rights they are entitled to as human beings. How have I “disregarded the real situation in China?” If you know something I don’t know, please say it here. Nobody is attacking you.

  16. yerk3 says:

    @uofschs724 …
    @uofschs724 Actually, it does. If a country wants to become a hermit state it can just do whatever it feels like, like North Korea. If a country wants to become international, it has to have the acceptance of the international community. The human rights charter was not created with the intended benefit of the West or any other power elite, it was created for all humans. If you think the CCP is a dictatorship, why are you defending their actions?

  17. Fishheadofdoom says:

    Someone needs to …
    Someone needs to show this guy the TOR network…

  18. uofschs724 says:


    Whether …

    Whether China become international or not does not need judged by the westerners, the present international rules were built on behalf of westerners’ interest. It is not just China needs the west market, but also the westerners are depend on made in China. What the western capital has done in China is exploitation, sharing with the dictatorship of CCP. Remember, Britain launched war on China in 1840 by selling opium, will you ever trust a drug dealer?

  19. 05giacomo says:

    @yerk3 i can …
    @yerk3 i can guarantee you it HAS ;))..its propaganda warfare

  20. fyybbc says:

    @yerk3 This is …
    @yerk3 This is absolutely relevant. Different combinations of social factors will produce disparare opinions. The fact is that u have completely disregarded the real situations in China. That’s why u keep attacking us. Right now, i deeply believed the sentence — discrimination is a fact of mordern life. “Thanks” for ur slandering.

  21. yerk3 says:

    @fyybbc Are YOU …
    @fyybbc Are YOU blind? Did you not see where I addressed that non-sequitur question multiple times, stating each time that whether or not I had been to China was irrelevant?

  22. yerk3 says:

    @wwwtotalitaerde …
    @wwwtotalitaerde Once again, this has absolutely nothing to do with Germany. If this video were about something that had any relation to Germany, then you would have an issue. If you want to speak out about Germany in a comments section, do it under a video about Germany, about something happening in Germany, or involving a German, any German, fuck, German food even. Go to a video about David Hasselhoff and talk about your brother and the BND, but not here.

  23. yerk3 says:

    @05giacomo Western …
    @05giacomo Western imperialism has nothing to do with this.

  24. yerk3 says:

    @uofschs724 If …
    @uofschs724 If China wants to become international and do business with the world, it can’t keep acting like a hermit state.

  25. yerk3 says:

    @wwwtotalitaerde …
    @wwwtotalitaerde Because they have nothing to do with this situation. We are talking about the Chinese government, not the German government. Ai Weiwei is Chinese, not German. The Zichuan earthquake killed an inordinate number of Chinese schoolchildren, not German ones, due to shoddy construction by Chinese firms, not German ones, who colluded with the Chinese government, not the German one. Can you point out one way in which Germany is even tangentially connected to this case?

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