Founded in 1870, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is a three dimensional encyclopedia of art history. Produced for Public Television by Great Museums TV.

Duration : 0:50:36

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25 Responses to A World of Art: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

  1. TuesdayMorningInSept says:

    ‘Tuesday Morning in …
    ‘Tuesday Morning in September’. Available on DVD. Runtime 130 minutes.
    Pure, unfiltered, authentic, and being released in such a way to keep its integrity.
    Project is not affiliated and or connected to, working for any organization,
    putting forth propaganda and or slant perspectives of the events on 9/11.
    It is the most complete chronicle in real time of the wtc attacks.

  2. GreatMuseums says:

    @daltonagre That’s …
    @daltonagre That’s terrific – we’re glad that you were able to see it. Great Museums has also produced programs about the Met’s Chinese collection and about the acquisition strategy of the previous director, Philippe de Montebello, both of which you may enjoy on YouTube.

  3. daltonagre says:

    I’m from Brazil and …
    I’m from Brazil and I saw this amazing museum.

  4. marcdurbin says:

    enjoyed it all, …
    enjoyed it all, much better than expected… thank you!!

  5. GreatMuseums says:

    That’s great! Yes, …
    That’s great! Yes, starting at 46:20, you can see the Met’s Oceanic art, including much of that collected by Nelson and Michael Rockefeller. We hope you enjoy.

  6. TikiFoamy38 says:

    I will put this on …
    I will put this on my “Watch Later” list. Does this video show their Oceanic art?

  7. GreatMuseums says:

    @westport17782010 …
    @westport17782010 Great Museums is very appreciative of the advertisers who make watching GREAT MUSEUMS free on YouTube possible – and we think some of their ads are pretty creative! However, periodically, as a thank you to our many YouTube subscribers and friends, we will make one of our programs commercial-free. In September, it will be A World of Art: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. We hope you enjoy it!

  8. jnlaf says:

    great video thank …
    great video thank you

  9. 1dalinr says:

    i really like these …
    i really like these video!!!!! thank you very much to all of you….. i was there on november 2010, i enjoy everithing i saw, regards from mexicali mexico.

  10. westport17782010 says:

    Guy in comercial Ad …
    Guy in comercial Ad: “Look at this Place…so Depressing!
    NO!!!…Actually…This Ads Interrupting this Show IS Depressing!.

  11. GreatMuseums says:

    @sabi5 We’re glad …
    @sabi5 We’re glad you liked it – thanks for letting us know. You may want to check out our two other videos about the Met: West Meets East and An Acquiring Mind.

  12. sabi5 says:

    Fantastic Video !! …
    Fantastic Video !! Thanks

  13. vugarmuradov says:



  14. GreatMuseums says:

    @ …
    @Serenityeverlasting We hope you’re able to go. The lines are over an hour long for the Alexander McQueen exhibit but the exhibit is well worth it! Enjoy the entire museum!

  15. Serenityeverlasting says:

    في نهاية هذا …
    في نهاية هذا الاسبوع؟

  16. MissBooish says:

    paintings are not …
    paintings are not created to decorate walls but so that we know where to find our spiritual (Ladislaus Weiss 1999)

  17. outsideindex says:

    Seriously guys!! If …
    Seriously guys!! If you love this check out outsideindex. com

  18. rulc55 says:

    Gracias por este …
    Gracias por este video, y por compartir este museo con todos
    Thank you for sharing this video!

  19. say58 says:

    This is very …
    This is very informative VDO about the MUSEUM of ART.

  20. OldFriendofArt says:

    This is the Museum …
    This is the Museum other Museum want to be when they grow up.

  21. ladisausweiss says:

    paintings are not …
    paintings are not created to decorate walls but so that we know where to find our spiritual

    ladislaus weiss, porsche city stuttgart-germany

  22. MissBooish says:

    paintings are not …
    paintings are not created to decorate walls but so that we know where to find our spiritual

  23. Natapier says:

    Very good video
    Very good video

  24. carsanookdotcom says:

    Amazing video!

    Amazing video!

  25. ladisausweiss says:

    In this museum is …
    In this museum is visually the entire culture of human well-summarized
    greetings from porsche city stuttgart germany

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