A Chinese artist’s crusade on corruption

On August 12, 2012, in Chinese Art, by admin

A report by China’s central bank has accused the country’s communist party cadre and officials of funneling $123.6 billion out of the country.

Al Jazeera’s Melissa Chan in Beijing visits an artist on a mission to keep a visual record of the culprits.

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24 Responses to A Chinese artist’s crusade on corruption

  1. HumanRightsVideosT says:

    @ victor224
    One of …

    @ victor224
    One of the functions of free media is to find corruption and report on it. So when there is democracy in China the media can take over his job.
    One party states will never be as good as multi party states in my opinion.

  2. beancube2010 says:

    Funny, where is …
    Funny, where is Corporate America taking our money to for the last thirty years? China and India. Are those characters in these portraits just helping our corporations money laundry in China? Perhaps, it is our corporations helping them money laundry.

  3. raynarayskye says:

    I’m surprised they …
    I’m surprised they haven’t thrown him in jail yet. They like to do that to people that speak their mind over there.

  4. AnjuABCDE says:

    When he runs out of …
    When he runs out of business in China, he should come to America and draw all US republicans and democrat’s portraits in Green!

  5. vthilton says:

    Justice will be …
    Justice will be done.

  6. livecave144 says:

    Cool guy but …
    Cool guy but unless we evole to something other than human corruption will continue

  7. khamaid says:

    I have some names …
    I have some names he could add to his collection.

  8. Javjean says:

    Vengeance with art!
    Vengeance with art!

  9. lizijian1212 says:

    A population of …
    A population of 1.3 billion and no corruption. Man, good maths and sense.

  10. victor224 says:

    Great story, great …
    Great story, great artist, too bad he will never be done with this project.

  11. yorubablk3 says:

    he’s a good man!
    he’s a good man!

  12. sumeone123 says:

    As long as there …
    As long as there are selfish people, there will always be corruption.* fixed

  13. marklosextremus says:

    no shit. You think …
    no shit. You think anyone thinks it isnt?

  14. Danaceb says:

    Truly a great man, …
    Truly a great man, thanks to his work the crimes committed by those slime will never be forgotten! American is so consumed with its Hatfield and McCoy partisanship that we will never be able to see past our own bias to see the true villains that surround us and expose them in this way.

  15. Redfingers says:

    Corruption is …
    Corruption is disgusting in general.

  16. majornewb says:


  17. adrastea says:

    this is a great …
    this is a great story. thanks AJE

  18. HDaviator says:

    As long as there is …
    As long as there is money or any form of currency there will always be corruption.

  19. TheWilfred007 says:

    Ha good luck with …
    Ha good luck with that.

  20. abz998 says:

    Wonder how long …
    Wonder how long he’ll be free

  21. sqekcx says:

    another 5 years? …
    another 5 years? more like 15 or 50 years

  22. Wolfsbane909 says:

    show me a system …
    show me a system without corruption! All systems of government have corruption, deal with it, its called politics.

  23. therealparker2012 says:

    This video has …
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  24. therealparker2012 says:

    You liked this …
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