I have started Chinese calligraphy and google translate is NOT the nicest translator to use, for example:

Google gave me this translation for the sentance below:

(Monkey is playful to all)

-But instead google translate has given me: "Naughty monkeys are all"

Does anyone know a translator which doesn’t completely screw and F**K up my sentances?


I am an amateur Chinese translator who has translated more than a hundred webpages.
Machine translation is not reliable unless the sentence is very simple.


Where did all chinese martial arts came from?



I lost my regristration code that came originally with my Sims3/S3 Supernatural disks but I lost it months ago. My old laptop had the game installed with the original code but my dad sold it (.-.) and gave me a new one (laptop) and so I jade to install it in the new one. But then since I don’t have the real regristration code that came with the games, I had to use another one from the Internet. But now that I want to download new features (hair, clothes, etc) from the Sims 3 store, I need my VALID code ,which is the one I lost, to be able to download them to the S3 Supernatural and the base one. Any ideas in how I could get it back?

go to humble bundle
cough up 4.75 and walk away with 8 games and the sims 3 super pack

easy !