I’m researching Eastern Asian calligraphy for an art essay and I don’t know how to begin. Have all eastern asian calligraphic styles evolved from the origins of Chinese calligraphy in the Shang Dynasty?

If you’re researching, then likely you’ve already read the Wiki article:


Which indeed indicates the first organized use dating to this period.. But there are some indications of earlier usage.
There are several citations for the article which may give your further research materials.


My main enterest is in Manga art, though, I would like to be able to do traditional chinese/japanese art better as well. I’m pretty good already, but not good enough to become a manga-ka. I’m going to get anime/manga art books when I get the money, and I learn visually – the more anime I watch, the more manga I read, and the more I watch others sketch/paint the better I get automatically. Any suggestions?

Hello unfortunately I can’t point you to anyone who Can publish your creative ideas or art but the best way to improve your artisitic skills is practice practice and more practice 4 e.g I use 2 be pretty good at drawing manga but then stopped nd drew more naturlisitc things nd a year later went back 2 manga nd I was terrible nd that was coz lack of practice so I know its a bad answer but that’s best advice I can give so good luck nd hope you make it big in the future


How do I make beaded bracelets like this?

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I want to start making jewelry (starting with beads) as a hobby.

It’s the easiest thing ever. Ever. You go to the store and buy the type of elastic used for making bracelets. It’s sort of clear and it comes in different widths. The you string the beads on the cord, tie a knot at the end and that’s that. You can put a drop of glue on the knot and also try to pop the knot inside one of the bead, but basically that’s it — stringing beads onto elastic cord.

Best of luck.


What kind of dragon feng shui is this?

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And where should I place it? What does it symbolize and such? Thank you.

Alan has basically told you all there is to know about these figurines. I can only add that I saw them many times in the Forbidden City, the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty, and is located in the middle of Beijing, China. Very beautiful, I brought a pair home, right and left, carved out of Jade with ruby eyes, and they are nothing but good luck,just don’t put them on the floor or above your head, eye level is good, and if you have a pair do not separate them.