maybe try coating it with a gloss.


If i watch a video online it shows them attacking with 2 palms instead of one; what advantage does attacking with both hands have over one?

That is not particular to the arts you mention. It is actually in all martial arts. The problem is that it is not often seen in many arts because the students have not developed the ability to function at that level. In my jujitsu, style, kempo style, and karate style, we regularly strike more thy an one target at a time, or strike one target while doing a kick or raking blocking type movement. As I said before it is not that any style tends to do things that way, it is that people must learn how to apply things in stages. Like a baby l;earning to walk, we learn to crawl, then walk, before learning to run. Many martial artists have their hands fu8ll just doing things in the most basic ways, so never get to that point of application. Also if an instructor never teaches his students how to apply more than one technique at a time, the students are not likely to begin to learn to do it own their own. Just because a style has something in it, does not mean that it is taught, or that students ever get to the point of being able to do it.


Where can I buy absinthe in Buffalo?

On January 17, 2012, in Jade Store, by admin

Hey does anyone know a liquor store in Buffalo or in Raleigh, NC that carries Absinthe, preferably Jade’s Nouvelle Orléans and La Fee???? I’m coming down from Toronto to these two places in the next few weeks and I was wondering if anyone new a place that carried these.
P.S. I don’t want to here that it’s illegal or anything like that because its not ok.

Yes you are right, Absinthe is no longer illegal in the US.

this store carries the first brand
Viridian Spirits
115 East 57th St., Suite 1004
New York, NY 10022
646-442-3952 tel
646-442-3947 fax

I could not find anywhere in the US to buy this.

P.S. if you are just trying this for the first time, I found it to be very discussing, it tasted like black licorice, or more precisely, Jager, and I do not like either.


His name is ‘Grand’! There was more video but the camera quit suddenly and the last part got lost. You can find him on Hollywood Road (next to Angela Li Contemporary Art) close to Sheung Wan where he sells his Chinese ink paintings on rice paper for only $500 HKD-about $60 USD. Thanks for watching!

Duration : 0:1:6

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Depends on the Style and type of chinese painting. But, regardless, its really up to you.

Personally, unless you are going for a low water painting (ie solid colors, inks), I’d not go for rice paper, especially for your first one. There are alot of other papers that can handle higher levels of water and are easier to learn with and get to know the mediums better. Rice paper does lend itself to some wonderful affects, taking the ink beautifully. But, it takes a lot of confidence to pull off. A confidence that I am still working towards and that you can see in each brushstroke of a Master painter.

Rice paper is mostly traditional medium. Alot of modern artists, even Chinese Artist, use other papers now, from high cotton hand made papers to traditional watercolour papers.

There are many good Chinese technique books on the market as well, and each artist has their own technique and preference of medium, from which types of inks and water colour to use to the weight and type of paper (the couple I own suggests different mediums and papers depending on the subject). When I do my own ink paintings, I tend towards the watercolour papers as they handle my washes better and is more forgiving of handling any mistakes. Plus, if I want to do a second wash with watercolour later, it allows me to do more blending. Though, when I want to do more traditional bamboo or calligraphy, I love the feel of rice paper.

Good luck!


They’re in every Chinese New Year parade.

Because dragons are awesome.


My pearl earring broke the smae evening I bought it. I called the store and they said they can fix it or I can get a new one. But, I don’t want to take a chance and next thing you know, something happens to that one. So, I would rather get my money back, $22 but they don’t do refunds, so what should I say in order for them to give me my money back? BTW, when I looked closely at the jewlery, it had flaws on the pearl. DON"T BUY JEWLERY AT RAINBOW JADE!!!!!

If the breakage of the jewelery was done by your hands, they have no obligation to refund your money.
If someone else broke the jewelery, they still don’t have to refund the money, because they didn’t break it.
If what you claim about the "flaws on the pearl" is true, then you shouldn’t have bought the item, or should have brought it to their attention after you bought it (before it broke).


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