Chinese Art – Covent Garden, London

On January 31, 2012, in Chinese Art, by admin

This chinese guy wrote my girlfriend’s name (Ma), a heart and my name (Ale) using tiny sponges. Each letter has a different shape. Quite interesting technique…

Covent Garden, London, 24th March 2007.

Note to self: put backgroung music.

Duration : 0:3:48

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Demand grows for Chinese fake art

On January 27, 2012, in Chinese Art, by admin

China’s wealthy elite have for many years ndeveloped a taste for Western food, wine and culture.

And demand for re-creations of classical European works of art has been steadily rising.

But for the workers painting the fakes, it’s all about bringing industrial efficiency to their art.

Al Jazeera’s Harry Fawcett reports from Dafen in southern China.

Duration : 0:2:37

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How to write my name in Chinese Calligraphy?

On January 24, 2012, in Chinese Art, by admin

I’m trying to figure out how to write my Chinese name which in English is

Mun Kit Wong

Wong=family name
Mun and Kit are my Given names
Awesome thanks.

Yes it is Cantonese, and the translation you’ve got for Mun Kit is what I’ve managed to come up with thanks, although my character for Wong is different

Are the names Mun Kit based on Cantonese or Mandarin as spoken language? It sounds like Cantonese-based to me, so I’ll assume that for now:

Wong = 王 (same character in both traditional and simplified form)
Mun Kit = 文傑 (traditional form) / 文杰 (simplified form)

This would be the most likely name that I can think of.

* Update *

Ah, so your surname is of this Wong? –> 黄


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I am interested in Northern Styles more than Southern, but if you know the one for the south tell me

There is no best style.

Your size, body type and sex have nothing to do with the style you want to choose. People that think that your size and body type determine the style know little to nothing about martial arts

Most people will tell you there style is the best or they heard such and such is a great style,
The style is not important, what matters is how good your instructor is and how you train. The style is secondary, they all have there pro’s and con’s there are no superior styles.
If you have an instructor that can’t teach you how to fight, regardless of the style, what good would it do you?

Choose a school with a good instructor in the end that’s all that matters, that and how you train.
Its the person that has the ability to fight not the style


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End Video Link (Angel Heart) (Moooooo) (Prosperity Fish)

Music by: Jason Shaw
Title:Landra’s Dream

Duration : 0:1:20

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Ohlone College Art 103A
Professor Kenney Mencher
(Art History Stone Age Technology through the Early Renaissance)

An analysis of the philosophy, religions, motifs and development of writing that influenced the production of painting, pottery, metal casting in early dynastic China of the Warring States, Shang and Chou Dynasties.

Duration : 0:12:31

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I’ve already thought about Tattoo parlors, but most of them wouldnt want to pay for a membership… any ideas?

Students +of+ calligraphy might be interested. I have heard that even Chinese kids are losing the ability to make the pictographs because of the prevalence of the computer in Chinese society today. Ditto in Japan. Maybe you should talk to someone at Google’s Chinese subsidiary, or at your nearest city’s Chinese Embassy.