What is the official website for Vladimir Tretchikoff.? As mentioned in previous email, my friend must have sat for the first painting – she lived in Cape Town – and perhaps this is the one that was destroyed? I will ask her to send me copies of her newspaper cuttings and see if the two painting are the same.


google it and get loads.

Used to have the picture in my house as a boy


I would like to know from people with a great height of experience in this field. Also, how often should I train and practice what I am taught? I don’t really know a thing about martial arts but i have seen a couple of martial arts movies (Enter the Dragon, Kill Bill vol. 1and2, The Next Karate Kid, and The Karate Kid-which i loved both the girl and boy main character! Please let me know!

you have to go with Hung Gar or Karate. it’s a chinese kung fu. it’s more than fighting (, taekwondo and boxing…all they do is ‘watch you fight’ )

Hung Gar has forms that….
– are good for your health (gong ji, a meditation form)
– build strength
– help you with fighting applications

– improve hand-eye co-ordination
– calm the mind etc….

some schools have you learn the traditional lion dance.!

the hard part is finding a GOOD master.


I’m looking around for a store that sells Pokemon stuffed animals that ARE NOT from the U.S.A.. I’ve already checked Epcot Japan, and there really weren’t that many choices in their plush. I had heard about three years ago that there was one in either Cocoa Beach or Sanford, but I’ve had no luck hunting it down. Any help at all would be appreciated, but more than anything , I would like an address to go to.

Thank you for your time,
I have absolutely no interest in the cards. ^^;

look here. maybe they can help:

also there was a recall on pokemon plush from japan in 2005 so be careful if you buy second hand.


Totally Insane Chinese Martial Arts Demonstration.

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Video about chinese brush painting and traditional chinese culture…

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Recently I’ve been taking up Chinese painting and calligraphy, and I’m thinking of having a seal engraved.

I want my seal(s) to venerate the different Buddhas and teach good values, so I was thinking of having the following turned into seals:

a. Namo Shi Jia Ru Lai (Namo Shakyamuni Tathagatha), which I’ll use when copying Sutras or Dharma words;

b. Namo Yao Shi Ru Lai (Namo Medicine Tathagatha), which I’ll use for when I write well-wishes and "auspicious" words;

c. Namo Amitofo, which I’ll use for when I copy or write things pertaining to death and impermanence.

I do NOT have a Chinese name yet; so is it okay for me to have a seal made which says "Fo Dao Xue Sheng?" (Student of the Buddha’s Path)

Are these acceptable to be turned into seals?

If not, can anyone please give better suggestions?

Thank you for your help.

I think you should have a Chinese’s name first, then you can turned it into your seal.
Normally Chinese use their name’s seal on Chinese Painting. Some of them may have more than one seal.


Chinese painting ideas?

On December 14, 2011, in Chinese Art, by admin

I need an idea for my chinese based painting, it could possibly include a dragon?

Spend some time on Yahoo or Google images.


I’m writing a paper on buddhist art in japan and china. I need some helpful resources. Particularly on the meaning of enlightenment depicted in the paintings

Wikipedia has a good article on Buddhist art, with sections on Chinese and Japanese Buddhism.

Open Directory has links to some good resources:

Best wishes on your project.


I am opening a fashion accessories store and I’m trying to think of the name. I have two daughters so I thought it would be cool to have there name in it. Their names are Keira Jade and Savannah Jean. What I came up with is "Vannah Jade" fashion accessories boutique. I also like "Vannah J" but then it’s like I left out Keira because Savannahs middle name starts with a J as well. What do you think about these names? Would you stop by a place called this? Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

When naming an boutique store you want a name that is catchy, unique ad rolls off the tongue easily

I like " Vannah Jade" but I think I think that I would like "Vannah Jean" a little bit better I don’t know why it just seems to fit. what about "Jade & Jean Accessories?" I think that name has a nice simple punch.