paper for chinese calligraphy in manila?

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Is there any good paper for chinese calligraphy in manila, phil? rice paper, whatnot?

sa ongpin


A large horse hair brush (pointed not flat).

Chinese ink (usually comes in a brick and activated with water or you can use standard black indian ink that has been thinned with water)

Rice paper or tracing paper works well. You can do practice drawings on large sheets of newsprint too, but it tends to buckle from the water.


I need a good website that has detailed information on art from the Shang Dynasty, Chou Dynasty,Ch’in Dynasty,Han Dynasty,Sui Dynasty, T’ang Dynasty, Sung Dynasty, and Ming Dynasty.

Here’s a good site I found. =)


What compliments Jade dress?

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will teal go well?

My date is wearing teal ( we confused the color as we got rushed because the store was busy and the lady was kind of rude) anyways so his tie will be teal. I really wanted to match with him. but my dress only comes in turquoise and jade. :( so if you could help me by telling me what you think that would be fantastic! :)

Do not try to match his tie I would think, because it is more likely to be off and clashy.

Dark brown, tan and khaki

More ideas here if you scroll down and look]


CHINA-ART: The buoyant market for Chinese contemporary art over the last few years has made millionaires in the country. But the financial crisis has led to a massive slump in demand for works.

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If most/all languages, they include punctuation marks. Since punctuation marks, and pinyin were introduced to the Chinese language, does calligraphy include punctuation marks?

No, Chinese calligraphy with brushes does not have punctuation marks.

The proof is here:,r:4,s:0&tx=79&ty=92,r:2,s:35&biw=1280&bih=717


im a teen and i just want a cool modern painting and around the edges i want to do chinese or japanese symbols but idk which to do? and also if i do chinese, what chinese things could i incorporate from the chinese culture into the painting? something that a modern day american teen would think is cool? and the same for japanese. Please help and dont be rude! thanks(:

You could use kanji, which are traditional Chinese characters (well, most are, anyway). If you do Chinese, you could draw carps, lotus flowers, goldfish, lilies…

For Japanese, you could draw koi fish, sakura blossoms…

Good luck! :)


psychedelic art is about contrasts of the elements of art. Some depend on subtle changes and others on dramatic changes.
Chinese Art is about flow of the elements of art. It is again subtle in nature and portraits of people.


I have a jade elephant necklace that I have absolutely no use for and wish to get rid of it, so I was wondering if anyone knew of jewelry places that will buy back this necklace in Hanford or Lemoore California. Preferably if they will give you cash for it and not store credit.

You would get more money for it on Craig’s List.