deaf people dancing. It’s nice

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How do you write "of China" in Chinese calligraphy? I’ll be using the ‘of China’ in this sense: ‘Jenny of China’ or something like that. Your help would be much appreciated.Thank you!

You really wouldn’t need to write "of China" if you are making a name card or something like that. You would simply write her name, with her country behind her name or beneath it.

In Mandarin, China is known as "Zhong Guo" or "Middle Kingdom." In characters, it’s written as:


China has a much longer name, but it is typically written as 中国. Kind of like how the United States of America is easily recognized as the "US" or the "USA."


what do you feel of it?

How do I feel about it? It’s beautiful, to be sure, but having seen hundreds of them over the course of my life they do start looking the same over time. Landscapes and plant still-lifes are pretty, but seeing so many of them can get tiresome after awhile.

I watched one while it was being painted once, and it was fairly fascinated. Unfortunately it takes a long time for one of those pieces of dry, so I wasn’t around to see it completed. That would have been interesting to see.


I don’t need it to be word-perfect or anything, I just want a rough idea of how to display the title ‘oriental art’ in chinese characters, no specific style of characters either.

Usually, 东方艺术 is clear enough. You can add 的 or not.


Hey guys! I’m hoping one of you can help me out.
I’ve totally fallen in love with Jade Valerie’s music today, but I live in Canada, and I can’t find her record for purchase in North American stores or websites.

Any suggestions, and will it even work on my region of players?

– note – I have access to a U.S. address so I can ship there as well.

eBay. Or New York City. Try St. Marks.


An art-name (simplified Chinese: 号; traditional Chinese: 號; pinyin: hào; Japanese gō; Korean: ho; Vietnamese: hiệu) is a pseudonym, or penname used by an artist. Chinese Artists adopted different art-names at different stages of their career, usually to mark significant changes in their life. That is why many Asian master painters or calligraphers have multiple art names.

For artist name seals, you may use either square or oval shaped stones, positive or negative carving styles, ancient or modern scripts depending on your personal artistic tastes. Deferent size of seal maybe used depending on the size of signature calligraphy and also on the size of painting or the style of painting. A small seal can be used on large size paintings but large size of seal may not fit in small size painting.

To translate English names into Chinese art name, we could use both first and last names, or only a first or a last. To order a personalized art name seal for yourself here are the procedure:

1)Please visit and place the order with a stone, carving service and a red ink(optional).
2)Send me your names or phrase to be translated and any other information.
3) I will communicate with you about the translation or creation of your Chinese art name and the make three preview designs in both yin and yang styles(2×3=6 images) for you to choose from.
4)After your approval of the preview design, I will actually carve the stone seal and the process will be recorded on video camera and posted on Youtube.
5) I will finish your seal within three working days in the USA and mailed it with a nice brocade silk box.

Refeerence links:
1. Get a Chinese name software at
2. Online Chinese Etymology online dictionary at
3. Chinese Name Seal Generator:
4. The largest Chinese Seal Database
5.The Yale website where you can download the fonts:
6. If you want to order your personalized Chinesename seal on soapstone please visit

Thanks for watching!


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I have a chinese calligraphy set it contains two brushes, one brush holder/stand, one tub of red waxy stuff, a black stick with a decorative dragon, a marble stick with a dog / tiger on it, a small white bowl,a small golden spoon and a mediumish sized grey dish. Could anyone explain how to use it?

The article that I point to below is a good place to start, but to really use your set, you need to get a teacher.

I’ll tell you a little bit about it. The black stick with the dragon is ink, called 墨 mò, and the grey dish is the inkstone, or 硯 yàn. You rub the ink onto the stone to make a powder, then you add some water and stir it with your brush. One of first things your teacher will teach is how to know how much ink to grind and how much water to add.

The marble stick holds the calligrapher’s seal, or 篆 zhuàn. It’s the character’s of your name engraved in reverse, on the bottom of the stick. You touch it to that waxy red stuff, the stamp it onto your paper to sign your calligraphy work. (It’s trick to apply the seal paste; if you press to hard you’ll make a big mess). The animal on the other end should be the animal for the year of your birth.


I see lot of paintings done by this same artist in China Town, here is an example of his/her work

Sorry Can’t help you. Good Luck in finding an answer


I am just curious because both of them have a lot of similarities, in their designs, and styles… Thank you!

Japanese took some of the Chinese characters and use them in their own language. This calligraphy art is called kanji.


Where can I get Chanel Jade nail polish?

On July 25, 2011, in Jade Store, by admin

I’ve looked everywhere for this nail polish, and it’s either sold out online or they don’t carry it in stores. Help!

try lord and taylor