I want to get a tattoo down my spine of "Life is Beautiful" or "The Beautiful life" in (Mandarin) Chinese calligraphy. Can anyone translate that into the calligraphy? Or can anyone give me a legit source that will give me the correct calligraphy? Thanks!

美麗的生活 (traditional)

美丽的生活 (simplified)


I’m looking for Northern and Southern Sung periods, specifically but anything would help. ten points to best answer :)


Lady Beneath Tall Bamboo ~
Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279),
History and more paintings.


Should I take AP Art History or Chinese?

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I need to decide between AP Art History and Chinese I.

Art History would give me another AP credit (I am already taking 5 AP classes), but it seems like it would be boring.

Chinese seems interesting to me, and possibly useful in the future. However, it is a level class, and I could only go to Chinese I. I could not progress to Chinese II. Keep in mind I will be taking German III and IV as well.

Which should I choose?

I’m Jennifer, a full time Chinese teacher from Beijing China. As for which you should choose, I suggest you follow your interest. You know, interest is the best teacher.
In addition, I think you’d better choose a beneficial one for you. Personally, I recommend you to take Chinese. When you learn Chinese, you will find Chinese very interesting. The culture, the people and the history in China can give you a new view of the world. Most importantly, as you know, with rapid development of China, Chinese would be a good language to learn for business. Chinese has been a language widely used by a large amount of people in the world.
If you’d love to learn more AP Chinese, you may click http://www.echineselearning.com/services/teens-chinese/ap-chinese-test.html?ecl=ptEEEEEEyh021502.

Please feel free to let me know if you got any Chinese related questions, my email is Jennifer.zhu@echineselearning.com. And I’m always happy to hear from you.


i want to go to those jade markets to buy a piece of jade, but i’m not sure how to differentiate the real from the fake ones. does anyone know how to do it other than going to a jewelry store to ask ? thx

I’m a gemologist and I’ve collected jade for years now and I still have trouble sometimes! Telling nephrite and jadeite jade apart from other simulants is one of the trickiest skills to master and unfortunately, there is no way around it – you have to read as much as you can about it and learn through plenty of experience.

However, there are a few quick tests & observations you can conduct at home that might shed some light on what you have.

Hold the stone in your hand. Does it feel cool to touch? (You may have seen Chinese or Burmese people touch jade to their cheeks to test its coolness as a sign of authenticity.) Jade has excellent thermal conductivity and will remain cool to touch for a long time. If the material warms up too quickly, it could be another type of rock or perhaps, even glass!

Observe the texture of the material. If there is a fracture, the texture should be splintery and rough. If it shows fairly smooth flat surfaces and "faults" (cleavage planes), you may have another type of green stone. e.g. Amazonite. If it is conchoidal, it could be glass.

If it is polished, does it look like it has a "dimpled" skin? Can you see tiny veining on the surface? If it is translucent, does the material look slightly fibrous?

Does a steel blade leave a scratch mark on the material? If it does, it isn’t jade because jade is harder than steel.

You can read more of my answers on Jade here:

Hope that helps!


Chinese crackers, instant Chinese soup; Chinese herbal medicines—-Chinese opera books. The Cheongsam for women (their body hugging dress). Tablecloths. Tea Leaves. Chinese delicacies. Chopsticks. Pira Longans (round juicy fruits). Lychees. Bamboo shoots.
Feng Shui lucky charms. Jade! Jade Bangles. Jade rings. Chinese brush for calligraphy. Chinese Jackstone. Pouches made of silk. Silk bags. Black gelatin drinks in cans. Pagoda bells. Chimes. Door chimes. Mooncakes. Baskets. Kung Fu shoes.

some of that stuff they will not let you bring into the USA or other countries, especially the food/plant products

Pee pee boy
tea pots
tea cups
Chinese flag
Mao suit
Mao Red Book
Propaganda posters
terracotta warrior statues
Chinese sword
wall hanging scrolls
sandalwood products
Chinese style clothes for men
Book on Chinese sayings and idioms
"I climbed the Great Wall" T-shirt’
Beijing opera masks
those bottles with scenery painted on the inside
stuffed panda doll
hand fans
Coke bottle in Chinese


Chinese Art

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A series of pictures where Chinese Art is the theme.

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I am researching ancient chinese calligraphy and am very interested to know what the red stamps/characters mean that are next to or sometimes behind the text.

That’s the artist’s signature.


I doubt anyone is going to know for sure if the painting that I have is valuable or not. It is an asian scene that is painted on glass and it has a light in the back so when it is plugged in it lights up. it is actually very pretty. I can tell that it is hand painted. It has a few chips but not many. It has a sticker on the back that says "display guild." it looks like it could be old and possibly valuable.

well it may depend on the popularity of the artist as well as date of creation, well you may upload us an piece of pic regarding this painting or you can also go for professional dealer such as chinese5art.com for more info.


I have some Chinese symbols, things like "sun," "moon," "wisdom," etc. hanging up in my room that I would like to hang pictures next to to represent the symbols, like an old wise man next to "wisdom." Is there any site where I can find chinese pictures of these things that I can print out?

Thanks for looking, if you choose to take the time to do so.
Free pictures would be great, rather than paintings you have to pay for.

Here are some websites you might want to check:

All the websites are in Chinese. The pictures are free. When you are on the website, you can often click on the Chinese links to change the categories of pictures.


i am wondering because id like to buy jade cocoon on the ps3 psn store so i can play it on my psp but it is only available on the japanese playstation store. please if anyone knows of anyway of doing this contact me at my emaddressress which is bthom3on@yahoo.co.uk thanks

Yes. Setup another user on your PS3 (found in the Users XMB category all the way to the left of the XMB menu) and setup a Japanese PSN account on that new user when you sign up for the PSN (you probably need to put a Japanese address when creating the PSN account so Sony knows you need access to that specific store). Also, you might need to use Japanese currency or Japanese PSN cards for purchases. I don’t think the regional PSN Stores takes currency from regions it does not service (the U.S. Store only takes U.S. dollars and not UK Pounds or Japanese Yen, for example).