I have started Chinese calligraphy and google translate is NOT the nicest translator to use, for example:

Google gave me this translation for the sentance below:

(Monkey is playful to all)

-But instead google translate has given me: "Naughty monkeys are all"

Does anyone know a translator which doesn’t completely screw and F**K up my sentances?


I am an amateur Chinese translator who has translated more than a hundred webpages.
Machine translation is not reliable unless the sentence is very simple.


Where did all chinese martial arts came from?



I lost my regristration code that came originally with my Sims3/S3 Supernatural disks but I lost it months ago. My old laptop had the game installed with the original code but my dad sold it (.-.) and gave me a new one (laptop) and so I jade to install it in the new one. But then since I don’t have the real regristration code that came with the games, I had to use another one from the Internet. But now that I want to download new features (hair, clothes, etc) from the Sims 3 store, I need my VALID code ,which is the one I lost, to be able to download them to the S3 Supernatural and the base one. Any ideas in how I could get it back?

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I am branching from calligraphy into chinese calligraphy after some lessons and chinese classes. however I wonder what would be a good paper just to practice on, as I am still a beginner. If just printer paper can be used i would use it, but things seems to say no. my teacher practiced on paper towels just fro raw practice but I want to ask the internet icon smile What paper to practice calligraphy (chinese)?

Good paper is rice paper (xuan paper)

But as a beginner, you don’t need to use good paper.
You can use bamboo paper (deckle-edged paper).

If you don’t have bamboo paper (deckle-edged paper) at hand, you can even use newspaper…


I wish to paint the external decorative parts of my Chinese summerhouse with a paint which keeps its gold brilliance for a long time, so need a good quality paint.
I worded this wrongly and was referring to, for example, the gold railings around the Albert memorial – obviously if real gold leaf is used on these, people will be scraping away at them all day and night. But, obviously, whatever is used must keep looking good for quite a long time before it needs refreshing.

they use gold leaf not gold paint


Alright, so my last question did not make much clarity on what I wanted to ask, so I will clarify here. I am not really atheistic but nontheistic. I am quite skeptical but I prefer to judge for myself. In this instance I am interested in East Asian martial arts: Ninjutsu, Kuk Sool, the Koryū, Shaolin, internal/external Chinese Arts, and to a smaller extent, Muay Boran and Bokator.

I ask this question because I fear the opinions of others and my opinions always seem to be taken doqn by others. I have always admired and contemplated Buddhism (mainly Shingon and Zen/Chan) and this comes along with my interest in Asian languages. I don’t know what to do and this is as much sense as I can make right now. Any thoughts? Can I?
@ Rikashi…, dude I was referring to the Thai martial art of Muay Boran, the predecessor of Muay Thai.
People, my belief system is very shaken by the opinions of others. I always liked Buddhism (especially Mikkyô) but damn it some atheists just tear it down. I feel very dead and frustrated.
@ Rikashi… Alright, I get you. No need to be such an asshole about it. Yeesh!
I know, sorry. I am just feeling frustrated here.
@Kokoro, since when did I make such a mountain? I am listening, but your mind fails to grasp the fact that I am trying to clarify my last question here. If you want to be rude, don’t edit your answer.

In some martial gyms, they instructors are religious and the practice of some martial arts do involve prayer and meditation.

If you feel that you being an atheist means that you should not participate in these practices, then don’t do them, but it would be rude to ignore their beliefs when you are there to learn with them.

Be openminded. You’re not converting, you’re carrying a tradition in their gym that you chose to train with.

Please, never call it Muay Boran. Kid, Muay Boran is just a name. The wrong name. It is not a martial art, it’s a cash grab. Do you really think the ancients called it by that name? It is not the predecessor of Muay Thai. Do you know the real predecessor is? Savate and Boxing. The Thai influence is Muay Khad Chuek. Not that bullshit cashgrab, "Muay Boran".

I was not being an arsehole. You are just over-sensitive.


It is playing while she goes to the store and gets ice cream. Lyrics i remember:

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I really like the song but I can’t find any trace of its existence anywhere! Please help?

I found a website that listed the songs on Felicity and, according to Season 1 Episode 3, this is what was played:

Album: Ooh La La – Wiseguys / Song: "Ooh La La" (single)
Album: The Murky World of Barry Adamson – Barry Adamson / Song: "Something Wicked This Way Comes"
Album: The Miseducation of Lauren Hill – Lauren Hill / Song: "Every Ghetto, Every City"
Album: The Singles – The Pretenders / Song: "Brass In Pocket" – Thanks to Jade!
Album: Felicity: Music From The Hit Television Series – Scout / Song: "Day Before Yesterday"
Album: The Best of Dramarama: 18 Big Ones – Dramarama / Song: "Anything, Anything (I’ll Give You)"


umm I am going to buy crystals and im wondering if having too many in my house can be bad.
umm also my house is like 10 by 9 feet… so its kind of a tight space I just don’t want to have unbalanced energy. im basically wondering if you can use too many, and what would be too many?

do other crystals like jasper or obsidian or carvelian or tourmaline work well like clear quartz? also could I balance the energy with different rocks? would that be a good idea? a

I don’t know a lot about this stuff so any help would be great thanks

–Clear quartz crystal will cleanse and purify the energy in a space; also, you can charge clear quartz with a specific quality of energy or visit a special location with a clear quartz crystal so the stone will absorb and retain your special location connection
–Obsidian and hematite have a strong grounding energy, providing an individual protection; place at or near the front and back doors
–Carnelian and jasper provide warm earth energy to a space, adding balance and support (stability) to those individuals within the same space by gently increasing the energy flow
–Black tourmaline and tigers eye can provide strong protective energy in a space, and help balance and clear emotions of individuals within the same space
–Amethyst crystal is used to balance and purify emotional energy, and aid connections to different planes of energy
–Citrine does not absorb negative energy; provides a positive and strong energy in and around an individual
–Smoky quartz can provide a gentle energy of protection and balance
–Ammonites have strong energy, and can shift the quality of the energy in a space
–pyrite will fill a space with energy quickly and completely
–Jade carries a sweet, light and nourishing energy
–Rose quartz spreads the energy of healing and love in a space


0 Gary Stover Presents: Imperial Chinese Art  Ching Dynasty with Chris YvezI have the great pleasure of welcoming Christopher, an expert on Imperial Chinese Art, to my show Tuesday evening. Chris has been collecting Chinese art for more than 40 years, has worked as a curator & adviser to various museums & collections on this subject, and he has lectured extensively on the atelier within the Forbidden City & summer palaces, discussing court costume & textiles, ivory, jade, porcelain, paintings & calligraphy. His collection consists of objects which came from these Imperial workshops, and which were used by the Emperor & imperial household. On Tuesday evening Chris will concentrate on art & artifacts created during the Ching (Qing) or Manchu Dynasty (1644-1911), the last Chinese dynasty. He will be bringing from his collection: court robes, imperial cushions, a painting on silk from the hand of the Empress Dowager, T’zu Hsi, and a porcelain vase presented to the Empress.

Duration : 0:59:41

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I’m researching Eastern Asian calligraphy for an art essay and I don’t know how to begin. Have all eastern asian calligraphic styles evolved from the origins of Chinese calligraphy in the Shang Dynasty?

If you’re researching, then likely you’ve already read the Wiki article:


Which indeed indicates the first organized use dating to this period.. But there are some indications of earlier usage.
There are several citations for the article which may give your further research materials.